Baby & Toddler Tuesdays

Baby & Toddler Tuesdays at Greenmeadow Community Farm are coming back!

We are absolutely over the moon and know it's been a long time coming ... we have missed you all SO much!

As you might expect, things will run a little differently from before as sessions are being limited to 12 babies and their adults per session. You will need to pre-book your admission to the farm (even if you have a yearly pass) and then book on to sessions on arrival. You can buy tickets here.

The way it works is you pre-book and pay your farm admission using the link above or calling 01633 647662. 

If you're feeling sassy, it's well worth investing in one of our yearly passes which covers admission to this ... it's just £32.50 per adult and £27 per child age 2+ (under 2s come free). You can also pay for it on direct debit which works out just pennies a week! The activity sessions are then included and bookable on a first come, first served basis (spaces limited).

We will be closely monitoring the success of this new format and ensuring that everything runs as smoothly and safely as possible. To begin there will be just two weeks in October (5th & 19th) and two in November (2nd & 16th). As usual it will not run in December or January and we will then look to resume from February. We are delighted to be welcoming activity providers old and new.

All the Mums that run the sessions are local and offer their brilliant sessions around the area, please check them out via the links.

Here is the line up for Tuesday 5th October. If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to get in touch...we appreciate many of you may not have visited with your baby before!

Tuesday 5th October

10.00 - Farm Opens

10.30 - Mamau Ffit - Join Debbie who runs classes and specialist programmes across the area for pre and postnatal Mums both online and in person. Debbie used to be an attendee at Baby & Toddler Tuesdays and motherhood lead her into this new venture...whether you're with bump, baby or beyond, Deb's bursting enthusiasm will help you find your fitness mojo and support you and your baby on your health & wellness journey. Please note if you are postnatal, baby should be at six weeks before you join in.

11.30 - The Singalong Project - Not gonna lie...we could BURST to finally have the luscious Liz here in person spreading her musical magic! She was amazing through lockdown, keeping us singing, grooving and smiling through a crazy time. And now she will be here to sing, groove and smile with you and your little one. This project has amazing beginnings and is well worth your support and unabridged enjoyment! Join Liz for a good old singalong and to find out more Please feel free to bring your baby's own instruments or stick some rice in an empty bottle or reusable coffee cup (with lid!!) for an easy shaker!

12.30 - Kidslingo Cardiff & Newport - These BRILLIANT sessions are designed to introduce you and your Baby/Toddler to languages from a young age. Research links many benefits to the early uptake of another language and of course these sessions involve lots of FABULOUS FUN!! Come and say 'Bonjour' or 'Hola' the Kidslingo team!

13.30 - Gwent Mini musicians - Very early in their life, even from within the womb, babies and toddlers will start to identify rhythm and beats of music. Music provides many cognitive benefits that support early development including enhancement of emotional wellbeing, enhancing memory, promoting social skills and building a lifelong love of music. Come along and join Sami, professional Oboe player and marvel as you watch your little one explore their senses!

14.30 - Funky Learning - We are delighted to welcome Nicki for her very first Baby & Toddler Tuesday session! Nicki runs fantastic Messy & Sensory Play sessions in the local area and is looking forward to meeting some of you here on the Farm. Passionate about early years education and a dedicated and experienced teacher, Nicki knows the amazing benefits of messy and sensory play from a young age...encouraging brain development, coordination, exploration and so much more and she can't wait to share them with you and your little one Suitable for pre-schoolers, dress for mess!

Gosh...we're worn out and filled with glee just typing it all!

This side of Christmas you will also have the opportunity to join Torfaen Libraries for a fabulous rhymetime session, Happy Heart Yoga for some super yoga for age 2+, Messy tots - sensory play - play-based learning!