Visiting the Farm with a Baby or Toddler

Greenmeadow Community Farm is a fantastic place to explore with your baby/toddler ... a magical time in their life (and yours!) where you will see them develop and grow in confidence and experience. Each and every visit brings new firsts. We are delighted to welcome LOTS of babies and toddlers throughout the year and have provided this information to hopefully help make your visit easier and more enjoyable! If you have any questions or need help or assistance at any time, please do not hesitate to ask a member of our team who will be happy to help!

Baby Change

We have two designated toilets for Baby Change. One in our shop (it's not obvious so please do ask) and the other in the disabled toilet underneath the Haybarn. They are both highlighted on the Farm map which you will be given on arrival. These toilets both have a changing station and nappy bins as well as hand wash sinks and we ask most politely that you only change your baby's nappy in these areas. On our Baby & Toddler Tuesdays we will put a nappy bin and changing mat in the Haybarn itself, please, please use these and do not change nappies all around the room. You will still need to use the toilets to wash your hands. Please only dispose of nappies in a proper nappy bin and not in the normal bins or sanitary bins. If we see you changing nappies on tables and in eating areas, we will have to ask you to move to the nearest Baby Change.

Feeding your baby at the Farm

Being a farm we are extra careful that all of our visitors stay safe and have as enjoyable a visit as possible. We ask all customers to only eat and drink in the designated areas, highlighted on the map. We are very proud to be a member of the Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme and would advise all breastfeeding mums to only breastfeed in these areas also as it is safer for you and your baby, minimising any risk of infection. If you would prefer to feed your baby in a quieter area, please ask and we can normally show you to a quieter room/area.

If your baby is formula fed, we strongly advise that you bring everything necessary to feed your baby with you for your visit (visits can easily last 3-4 hours or more). We do not have a kettle in our cafe, only an urn for hot drinks and as such water from the urn would not comply with the NHS and Baby Friendly Initiative advice on only using cooled, freshly boiled water from a kettle to make up formula. Many mums bring ready to drink formula or a flask of water that they have boiled before leaving home. Obviously you will need enough sterile bottles for your visit. We do have a self-service bottle warmer and a microwave in our cafe area should you choose to use them. We have lots of highchairs available, if you can't find one or need help to get one, just let us know.

Buggy Park

The Buggy Park is situated under the canopy in the Upper Courtyard and we recommend that this is used when using the cafe and especially on Baby & Toddler Tuesdays. Part of the magic of the farm is our 300 year old farmhouse which we love but is not very conducive to moving around with a buggy ... what's more when there are lots of buggies inside, they can really congest the area making it harder for customers and staff to move around. If you are alone with your baby and need some help, please do not hesitate to ask and we will be more than happy to assist as we know how hard it can be to carry everything needed and make sure you get your own hot drink too! If your buggy is not in the Buggy Park, you may well find that we have moved it to the Buggy Park if it was causing an obstruction or blocking access routes.


It goes without saying that contact with animals increases the risk of picking up germs so it is vitally important that you wash your hands regularly with soap and water. We have lots of hand wash stations (highlighted on the map) so that you can do this throughout your visit and most importantly before and after any contact with the animals and before you eat and drink yourselves and of course before you touch or pick up your baby. As they get older, as we all know Toddlers are into everything and very FAST and also love to put their fingers in their mouths, on their face, up their nose, you name it!! We know it's easier said than done but please try to ensure that they wash their hands after touching animals, pens, fences, etc. to minimise any risk. Rest assured we do our part to ensure that our animals remain healthy and happy to minimise risk.


If you are a pregnant visitor there are additional risks when we are lambing, calving and/or expecting goat kids. As a precaution we would recommend no direct contact with these animals at these times and as always hygiene remains key. More details are available on the Information for Pregnant Visitors page.

Baby & Toddler Tuesdays

Did you know that every Tuesday* at the Farm is all about Babies & Toddlers? For just normal admission price, as well as all the fun of the farm, you can enjoy a range of activities specially created for you to enjoy with your Baby or Toddler. Many decide to purchase one of our excellent value Yearly Passes which you can even do on direct debit for less than £2.80 per month for an adult ... you don't have to pay for baby until they turn 2! With a variety of different slots each week ranging from Babes in the Woods to Valleys Gymnastic Academy to Vibe Tots, Messy Monsters and many more. What's more, occasionally we have a different Practical Parenting session covering topics such as Weaning, Choosing Childcare and Healthy Eating for Toddlers which are really helpful at different stages through your little one's early years. For the exact details of What's On each week, visit the Baby & Toddler Tuesdays page.

We are designated as a Breastfeeding Friendly venue with lots of parking on site, baby change and bottle warming facilities and if Baby gets tired you can enjoy a stroll around the farm or a lovely, freshly brewed coffee while they enjoy their nap. In short, Tuesday is a great day to be at the Farm with your Baby or Toddler, creating special memories of this most magical of times!

*excluding December & January