Pre-visit Health & Safety Information

We are really proud of what we do here at Greenmeadow and want all of our visitors to enjoy an exciting, educational experience. As you are no doubt aware, visiting any farm can never be free from all risks. Farm animals, even those that look clean and healthy, carry infections that can be harmful to people.

Pregnant women need to take particular care and specifically should avoid contact with lambs, lambing ewes, pregnant goats, kid goats and their droppings. For more information about this, please see separate page of our website entitled 'Important Info for Pregnant Visitors'.

You can view the full Department of Health 'Avoiding Infection on Farm Visits - Advice for the Public' Leaflet here. You will also be given this leaflet on arrival at the farm or we can send you a copy in advance by arrangement. The main things that we like to make all of our visitors aware of are:


Although our animals are very friendly and used to people, it should be remembered that animals can act in an unpredictable manner and caution should be exercised at all times.

We do supply animal feed in the shop which should only be fed to the sheep, goats and cows (brown bags). Please do not feed other animals as they may be on a special diet and could bite or head butt. Please do not feed any of our animals any of your own food. Please do not feed the staff as it may stop them working!

We actively encourage contact with our animals as part of your experience of visiting and learning about the Farm. However, please use common sense and beware of animals' unpredictability. Refrain from kissing or putting your face near the animals, ensure that all cuts and open wounds are covered with a plaster/dressing.

Remember not to put your fingers in your mouth or anywhere on your face after touching the animals. Don't touch any animal droppings. It is very important that you wash your hands before and after touching or feeding the animals. Animal contact is not recommended for pregnant mothers.

If you have any concerns about any of our animals during your visit, please alert a member of staff immediately.


Hand washing facilities are located in and outside the main Farm building, the Haybarn toilets, the Dairy, at the end of the Animal House and in Eye Paddock. Please remember that antibacterial wipes and alcohol hand gels are not 100% effective and there is no substitute for proper hand washing using warm water and soap. You and the children in your care should wash hands regularly throughout your visit. Hands should be washed after touching animals, taking part in animal activities, before eating, using the toilet, etc. If in doubt, wash your hands!!!

There are welly wash stations situated outside the café in the upper courtyard and at the end of the main farmhouse building. Please use this on your boots/pushchair wheels before entering the café and before leaving the Farm.

Clean your clothes and shoes thoroughly when you get home.

Food and drink must not be consumed in animal areas, equally please do not feed the animals with your own food.

If you drop food, sweets or dummies, please dispose of them and do not reuse.


Please be aware that this is a working farm and although vehicle and animal movements are kept to a minimum during opening hours, sometimes it is a necessity. With this in mind, please ensure that you supervise the children in your care during your visit at all times

Please close gates and be alert. Do not go through gates marked staff only.

Always listen to advice and instructions given by staff.

Some areas of the Farm are rough under foot, please take care and ensure you have the correct footwear - welly boots are definitely advisable. We do not recommend open toed footwear.

If you require First Aid during your visit, please see a member of staff immediately or make your way to the main farmhouse.

If you hear the fire alarm during your visit, please make you way calmly to the Dragon and wait there until further instructed by a member of staff.

The smoking area is situated at the end of the main farmhouse, by the welly wash station. Please do not smoke or vape in any other areas.

Children should be supervised at all times by a parent or guardian.

For your safety and security CCTV is in operation on site.

We do hope that you have an enjoyable visit! If there is any further information you would like to help you plan your visit, please do not hesitate to call the Farm on (01633) 647662.